Dear Parents Let Avoid P0rn0grahy Family

Dear Parents Let Avoid P0rn0grahy Family |

This Corona vacation may end in a long vacation and our children are back home, but PLEASE STOP THE FAMILY P0RN! MOM Stop sitting like you're in a maternity ward. Extend your legs so your baby can see his tight inside and [email protected]

DAD Do not wear regular boxers in the house where you sit, spread your legs and torch and lower the battery and your daughter looks at you. There are things you should not use outside your bedroom, just for the eyes of your spouse. Don't say why you want to enjoy your freedom at home. It’s not just your home, it’s a home / family. By these acts you enslave children. I know you may not understand it, but please be guided.

MOM is DANGEROUS to use a regular bra at home in the presence of your children. No, they won't want to rape you either. No, but you could increase your curiosity to see women's br3asts.

PAPI It is also dangerous to wear regular boxers at home in the presence of your daughters. It’s not that these girls want it, but it really drives them to see what reality looks like. Dear parents, Let's stop being P0RN0 material for our children. Raising sexually pure children begins with us.

 As parents, it is always your responsibility to integrate virtue into your family. If your children are not well prepared, they may never reach their peak, even if their parents are in the prime of their careers. Ways lead you where your education cannot be independent of your status, your money or "who you know." PLEASE MOM AND DAD, write down what you just read. Do not make the mistakes that will hurt and hurt you in the future. Singles do not say that you are not married, you will soon get married, put it into practice. Remember that the child's mind is like a video camera, it captures everything you see or hear.

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