How to Uninstall KMSPICO From Your Computer

KMSpico - is the ideal tool to activate the final version of Windows 7/8/8.1 and Office 2010/2013. Activator does not require user intervention, the entire activation process takes place in the background, just run the activator and a couple of minutes to check the activation status of Windows and/or Office.

How to Uninstall KMSPICO?

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If you are looking to uninstall KMSPICO from your laptops or PCs but having some difficulties, then a detailed article is available here for your help. Do give this content a full read as it will help you in uninstalling KMSPICO. Here is the step-wise procedure.

Step 1: Uninstall KMSPICO from your computer:

If you want to uninstall KMSPICO from your computer, then follow below-mentioned points.
  • You need to press the key of “Windows Logo.” Press R key along with the Window’s logo key to open the dialog box of “Run Command.”
  • After that, write “appwiz.cpl” in the search bar of the run.
  • Search for the KMSPICO software from the list. After selecting KMSPICO, click on to the button of Uninstall.
  • To make your work more comfortable, you can sort out software and program based on date.
  • Follow the instruction of uninstalling by clicking the next button on every dialogue box instruction.
By following all steps as mentioned above, you can easily uninstall KMSPICO from your laptops and PCs.

Step 2: Remove KMSPICO from Chrome, Firefox, or IE:

  • Remove from Google Chrome:
  • First, select tools Extensions from the main menu, U.
  • After that, you need to remove all the unknown extensions by clicking the recycle button.
  • If you feel difficulty in removing unknown extensions from the main menu, then you can uninstall them by navigating to C. Open the address, C:/Users/Username/AppData/Local/Google/Chrome/Userdata/Default/Extensions
  • You can also resent Chrome to the default one by deleting the current user. It will set the account to the default position.
  • If your Google Chrome is the latest version, then follow the below-mentioned steps.
  • Go to the settings and add a person there.
  • Write a new username in the dialogue box.
  • Go to the previous user account and delete it.
  • In this way, your Google Chrome will be free from the malware.  Read also: How To Activate Microsoft Office and Win10/7/8/8.1 Using KMSpico 10.1.5 FINAL

Remove Mozilla Firefox:

  • Open your Firefox browser.
  • After that press the buttons, Ctrl + Shift + A altogether.
  • It will open the extension section.
  • Disable and delete all suspicious extensions.
  • After that, you need to reset your Firefox browser.
  • For that, you can go to the Firefox help menu and then Troubleshoot information.  

Remove from Internet Explorer:

  • Open your Internet Explorer and go to the top right corner.
  • There, you will find a gear icon. Click on this icon.
  • After that, go to the toolbars and extensions menu.
  • If you feel any suspicious extension, then disable it.
  • If the deactivation button of gear icon is grey, go to the CLSID delete a section. You can find this section from the window registration section.

Permanently remove from the KMSPICO remains:

To make this manual uninstall process more authentic, we suggest you use a free scanner. The free scanner will be available in the anti-malware program. It will check the residues of KMSPICO in your computer.

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