WhatsApp New Feature Allow Users To Use One Account On Different Devices

A reason why many people prefer Telegram to WhatsApp is the ability for a user to manage one Telegram account on different devices, as for WhatsApp, you will have to log out from the previous device before you can be able to use the WhatsApp on the other device.

This feature that allows you use one account has been on its rival Telegram app since 2013 and now it was recently rumoured to bring the feature until now that it has been confirmed by WhatsApp features tracker website WABetaInfo. WABetaInfo said in a tweet,

It is great hearing that WhatsApp is bringing this feature to their app, at least it will draw them a little closer in terms of comparison with Telegram. The multi-platform feature will now allow WhatsApp users to use their WhatsApp account on more than one device without being kicked out of the main account on any of the devices.

So, you no longer need to worry about being logged out on the other device when you activate WhatsApp on another smartphone using the same account. The same applies to WhatsApp users on Windows phone and PC. WhatsApp on PC will make use of the UWP app and won’t need WhatsApp installed on the phone to have an Internet connection.


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