Life is a Continuous Struggle- Dele Momodu

Dele Momodu

Nigerian journalist/publisher, businessman, philanthropist, and motivational speaker, Chief Dele Momodu.  Who is the CEO and publisher of Ovation International, Recently in his post shared on Instagram, with a caption “life as a continuous struggle.” In his post shared where he explained how he started his journey.

He wrote in the picture;
I was born relatively poor. My father died while I was barely 13, and I was left with a mother who had no education but knew the value of it. I wrote WAEC paper three times, 1976,1977 and 1978, before I made enough credits to qualify for University admission. I wasted no time blaming others for my problems; instead I spent time
preparing for an onslaught against demonic poverty. I’ve never been in direct government employment. I don’t do contracts. I know only media and try hard to be the best in what I do and pray to God to answer your prayers and bless you too…
Dele Momodu hustler history
Good morning Africa... Life has not always been easy... In fact, Life is a continuous struggle for most people, the reason you should not judge a book by its cover... Hating those you hardly know, or even your friends is no solution to your own failures or challenges... May God bless your hustle...

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