How To Hide Chat On WhatsApp Without Using Password

WhatsApp is one of the top social media platforms which enable instant message and we all use it to communicate with our friends, business partner, family, and many others. And some of the conversation we with others on WhatsApp can be sensitive or confidential information which you enable the third party to see.

As a result of this, you might like to hide those important chat/conversation and keep it away from third parties but you don’t know how to do it, you have no option rather than to delete all the conversation.

I am glad to show you in this post or article on how to hide confidential WhatsApp chats. It's simple kindly follow the guide below.

How To Hide Chat On WhatsApp From Third Party Without Using Password

To hide your WhatsApp chats is so simple and straight forward by using the WhatsApp features called “Archived Chat”. This WhatsApp feature will allow you to hide a conversation from your chats screen and access it later. This will enable you to hide either Groups or individual chats using the Archive feature. now, let’s proceed.
  1. Launch your WhatsApp app
  2. On the chat interface, tap and hold the chat you want to hide
  3. Then tap on the archive icon which appears on the top bar as shown in the image.
Congratulation! You have successfully archived the chats and you have hidden your private chat from appearing on your chat interface.

How to Unarchive or view your Archives Chats

  1.  Scroll down to the bottom of your WhatsApp chat interface and you will see a link with “Archive” as shown in the image
  2.  Click on it and the archive folder will open.
  3. Now select and click on the chat that you want to unarchive and you will see the unarchive icon at the top bar, then tap on it.

Note: You can archive/hide chats as many as possible as you can. The archive chats feature will not delete any conversation nor create a backup on your SD card.

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