How to Borrow Airtime From Airtel Without Network Charges

It's not news and we all know that Airtel Extra Credit is a service which enables you to borrow airtel and payback on your net recharge with a service charge of 15% that will be deducted immediately when you recharge your line on every credit loan you borrowed ranging from N50 to N2,000.

Well, here is good news. Airtel has silently withdrawn the 15% charge network interest rate on every credit you borrow from them. That is, for every airtime you borrow from airtel it will be the exact amount that you will be given without any deduction of 15% network interest.

For an instant, if you borrow N200, you will be given your exact N200 naira airtime without any charges.

We all know, it's not everyone that is eligible to borrow airtime from Airtel. For you to be eligible to borrow credit from airtel get your self an Airtel SIM have to be a loyal and consistent airtel customer or have been on the airtel network for at least three months and you must have recharged your line with over N300 within a month.

How to Borrow Airtime From Airtel Without 15% Network Charges Deduction

Just the way you used to borrow airtime before, the only difference is to add “0” to *500#. Now simply dial *500*0# and select the desired amount which you want to borrow.
airtel no service charge

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