#FACEAPPCHALLAENGE: Moral Lessons From FaceApp Challenge

FaceApp Beyond Fun

It's not new that FaceApp which was developed by Wireless Lab is the trending app going viral on social media  with #faceappchallenge. This app enable users to change their facial appearance, it can change face to the past current and future appearance. The app can transform a face to make it smile, look younger, look older, or change gender. 

It is fun though, but there are lots of messages or lesson this app is passing but many can't relate.

It is a constant reminder that this beautiful face and skin of ours won't be like this forever. We need to make uses of our healthy time, when we have the opportunity to work with our full strength.

Another message from this is to make use of our time wisely do the needful at the right time. Do not get away with useless things in life. As the past face appearance generated by the app can't be reversed so as the time wasted can't be reversed.

To every sunshine there is always a sunset. And no matter how beautiful the sunset it will surely go dark. Nothing last forever, make hay when the sunshine.

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