“God Let My Husband Be So Broke So He Won’t Have Money To Cheat” – Nigerian Lady

Nigerian Lady has made an odd request to God, and this has cracked people up on social media. She made the ‘funny request’ to God in a post that was shared by popular Nigerian relationship expert and love doctor, Joro Olomofin.
In an era where cheating thrives, it’s often believed that men who are broke find it hard to cheat because obviously, it takes a heavy pocket to get a woman dancing to their tunes.
As a result, this lady whose identity was not revealed by Joro believes that if her man is poverty-stricken, he won’t think of jumping from one woman to the other because most men cheat because they have the money.
“God please let my husband be so broke so he won’t have money to cheat and he will love me and cherish me. Let me be the head of the family in terms of money. When he is broke side chick won’t want him. I pray this for myself and all ladies reading this in Jesus name Amen. We ladies deserve peace. This is the only solution. Take a man’s money away he will be a loyal husband. Every lady reading this. I wish this for you all. Happiness. Amen.”

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