See Photos: Mysterious Ram with Four Horns Apprehended in Ogun State

Strange! Scary! But true….
On the 2nd of April, 2019, the entire people of Orile-Ifo, Ifo local government in Ogun state were thrown into confusion as the traditional heads of the community decided to consult the oracle to unravel the mystery behind the frequent death occurrences happening in the community.

The oracle revealed that there was a devilish ram in the environment used by a ritualist to perpetrate evils against the fortunes of the inhabitants of the community and as thus leading to the mysterious death events in the community.

A masquerade was summoned from Abeokuta in Ogun state to help fish out the said ram which was indeed a successful mission.
The culprit found behind the evil act was one man called Baba Ola a popular meat seller in Ifo market also known as Owo O m’ago (money doesn’t know insanity).

The ram was killed admist tension, awe and mixed feelings, mysterious things found in it included a small calabash, cowries and other notable diabolic things! The said ram didn’t make a sound while it was being sluttered until the owner started crying after all his pleas that the ram should not be killed even at the plea paying any amount to save the life of the ram fell on deaf hears.

The culprit was banished from the community to bring calm to the issue which turned the community to a tourist location.


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