How To Subscribe To MTN YouTube Streaming Pack

MTN YouTube streaming pack is a time-based data plan that allows you to watch videos on YouTube from a smartphone. All MTN Customers can subscribe to any of the YouTube Video Streaming Packs.
Rollover does not apply on the YouTube Streaming Pack data, this means that your YouTube data reset to zero at the end of the specified time. You will need to buy another YouTube bundle or any other data plan.

YouTube Video Streaming Plans and activation codes 

You can subscribe to any YouTube Video Streaming Pack via SMS by texting the plan specific keyword to 131. Here they are;
1. 1hr YouTube Pack

  • ₦ 150
  • 1 Hr Stream
  • 24 Hrs Validity
  • Text VP1 to 131 to buy this plan 
 2. YouTube Night Pack (12am–5am)
3. 3 hrs YouTube Pack
  • ₦ 400
  • 3 Hrs Stream
  • 24 Hrs Validity
  • Text VP3 to 131 to buy this plan

Please note that there is no auto-renewal for YouTube video streaming pack and the timer starts once you start watching a video on YouTube. The timer could also start (even if you have not started watching a video) if there is a background activity on your device. To check your YouTube Streaming data balance, simply dial *559*18#

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