ADC Candidate, Isiaka Pledges Better Offer for Ogun Residents

The governorship candidate of the African Democratic Congress (ADC) in Ogun State, Gboyega Nasir Isiaka, has promised that if elected, he would run government with a good heart to build legacies that future generations will be proud of.

At an interactive session with journalists in Lagos, Isiaka said his administration would make the people of Ogun to feel real sense of belonging by ensuring that state resources are distributed fairly and infrastructure are provided across the different parts to boost economic activities and enhance the social life of the residents.

“The ADC has a responsibility and plan to develop all nooks and crannies of Ogun State. No part will be neglected or feel neglected. The ADC administration will make its impact felt across the state and unite the people to collectively develop Ogun.”
Isiaka, who for years was in charge of the management of the government’s investments, decried the state of infrastructure in Ogun, and said if elected, his administration would quickly move to execute a transformation agenda in the education and health sectors, empower women and youths, create jobs and rehabilitate the bad rural roads.

On what the ADC plans to achieve in the first two years in office, he said: “We hope to make remarkable impact in the education sector which is crucial to human capital development required to transform our state. Ogun is now number 19 in WAEC, it is very sad, it indicates backwardness. We need to build confidence and encourage the teachers. There will an education summit to look at the curriculum. There is need for a special and efficient unit to manage the schools.

“In the health sector, we observed that a lot of facilities have been locked up. Not many of them are functional, many are operating below capacity. We need to ensure that these facilities optimally provide their services to better the lot of our people. The problems in other sectors will be fixed so that our people can really enjoy the dividends of democracy,” Isiaka said.

On the chances of his party winning the governorship election in the era of vote buying, he said the assurances were very good.

“With the people, there is no much problem, but the vote buying is very worrisome. However, with that darkness, there is still light. No matter what anybody will spend, we should still be able to achieve our ambition. The larger parties are split and this may present a good chance for us.”


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