How to Resolve PC Start up & Shut down Problem (Too slow!)

pc startup and shutdown too slow-


How to Resolve PC Start up & shut down 

    Many computer users find it difficult to resolve this particular issue when using there PC. Here are some problems and their solution.

Too slow

  • Before startup: Disconnect USB devices, eject CD/DVDs first
  • Before shut down: Close all active programs, disconnect USB devices, CD/DVDs
  • Tune up Windows (remove malware, un-needed programs; run scandisk (chkdsk),defrag….)
    pc startup and shutdown too slow-

Cannot Shut Down/Restart

  • See above, if all else fails, then Hold Down the power button, till it powers off
  • Tune up windows

Cannot start: - the screen is black, no power in?

  • Desktop: Check power cord, I/0 switch at the back (wait for some minutes or so, if overheated)
  • Laptop: take the battery out, plug in the power cord; repeat                                 
If all solutions provided above is not working, please consult a technician

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