Wow!!! See Plan For itz 4years Aniversary

Please just read this...

Its an Advert actually. And since 1 dollar is about 420naira now, I cannot waste money on Facebook ads for now. would be 4 by December and like our every year anniversary tradition, We'd be selling tops again this Year.

This time around, you get to choose the color you want from the listed available colors.

  • + Red
  • + Black
  • + Blue
  • + White
  • + Pink
  • + Green

Like our usual tradition, we'd be wearing the cloth anywhere in the world on that same day and we normally take selfies with it with harsh tags (varies yearly) to just to feel the spirit of the anniversary.

Enough blabbing Already. The price tag is 2k for short, 2.5k for long.

You can start making your payments ASAP.


If you reside in Lagos and Ogun. We'd deliver to your doorstep but if you reside outskirt these regions, we deliver to the nearest major bus stop in your area. Trust me, this is no scam!

To pay? you can call or Whatsapp 2348182762814, further details would be forwarded to you.

Here's the catch.

Bring 5 people from around you and get a free top for yourself. We just want to break our previous records of selling 100+ Anniversary tops across the country. This time around, we want to hit 500+ sales. Lets celebrate Mydpix together. 4years no be beans and bread.

And of course, we have doubting Thomas'es everywhere, If you need graphical sample. Buzz me on whatsapp 08137559395

I have 4999 friends here on Facebook and about 200+ followers here on Facebook too. Over 500 friend requests. We are enough to break this sales record. Lets support this ministry. We didn't add donate page on Mydpix and yet we still very much Alive and Online. Support Us, show us love. Buy our anniversary Top. Don't let me bore you with long story.

I'm expecting your calls and messages on whatsapp. Doesn't matter if we've never chatted before. :)

God bless you for Us (TeamMydpix)

#Sirrote #TeamMydpix

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